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If you have a problem with accepting a valid SSL certificate issued by us, here is a list of certificates which they were signed. Just download and install them in a local repository of certificates and the browser trusts all issued by our services that require additional security the SSL.

Services provided by the Department of Administration Database and Application Server:

Main: Production:
  1. Password Change Page IBPM.PL
  2. Webmail IBPM.PL (Horde)
  3. Webmail IBPM.PRO (Office365)
  4. Filing hours for billing
  5. Alfresco Explorer
  6. IBPM Wiki
  1. IBPM Support (JIRA) - track and manage everything with JIRA project and issue tracking software
  2. IBPM eHour - worklog
  3. GIT source code repository
  4. SVN source code repository
  5. Maven Repository Sonatype Nexus
  6. Jenkins CI
  7. Sonar
  8. • IBM BPM Devel:


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